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Microfiber vs Regular Towels

When looking for a towel to use on your car, golf clubs, around the house, or whatever….you hear about Microfiber towels.  But what makes a microfiber towel so special?  And why is it recommended to use microfiber towels compared to regular towels?  Well here at Show Finish we will discuss this with you, to help

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Ultimate Car Detailing Microfiber Towel Set

My Dream Car

Dodge Viper GTS. Those are the words that I’ve said thousands of times throughout my life. From the day that Road and Track article came to my door as a youngster, and had the review of America’s Monster car, which it happened to be blue (my favorite color) with white stripes, I was hooked. From

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My First Car

No matter what state you live in, how old you were when you got your driver’s license, or what type of car you had, everyone remembers their first car. Similar to a first kiss, it’s something that sticks with you forever.  Whether it’s the freedom having a car gives you, or the love of hitting

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