Ultimate Guide: Waffle Weave Detailing Towels

Waffle weave towels have been used for years, but they are just starting to get popular in the detailing community. They are great for detailing, but they also work well for any type of drying since they are so great at absorbing water. They take up less room than typical towels and dry faster for easier reuse. So what are waffle weave towels and how do you use them?

Waffle weave detailing towels are microfiber towels which have a waffle like patterned texture which helps in water absorption. The texture also helps the towel to dry faster as well. Waffle weave detailing towels are great for drying without leaving streaks. They can be safely used on paint, glass, fiberglass, and metal.

The pattern on waffle weave detailing towels increases the surface area available for absorption. In addition, the pattern allows air to more easily pass through. This means that you can dry and reuse your waffle weave detailing towels quicker than with you can with other types of towels. The pattern is the woven texture of the towel. It’s not simply a stamped pattern that will flatten over time. And in fact, to improve the pattern, when you get a new waffle weave towel you should always wash it to tighten up the fabric.

Waffle weave drying towels are used in a similar manner to other types of microfiber detailing towels. They are great on every surface of your car for quick water absorption. Simply glide the towel over your car with light pressure and let the waffle weave work its magic. You can dry your entire car using a waffle weave detailing towel by itself or you can use a silicone water blade first and then follow up with the waffle weave.

Waffle weave detailing towels are safe to wash in your washing machine and can be dried in a drier on low heat or without heat. They can also be air dried. A good waffle weave towel will last for years of use. They are one of the best tools in every detailers kit. They are also great for travel, sports, your bathroom or kitchen, and anywhere else that you need a towel that can absorb a lot of water, dry out fast, and take up minimal room. Keep one in your car to quickly absorb spills or to clean off interior glass while you are on the road.

At Show Finish, our waffle weave detailing towels are made of the highest quality materials. They are a huge 20”x40” in size to give you the most water absorbing power in each towel. You can dry an entire car with just one towel! And on larger cars if it gets soaked, simply wring it out and keep drying. Want to dry like a pro? Dry with two towels and get the job done even faster. Our precise waffle weave pattern means that you get the most surface area possible. This means that you can count on superior drying power. The edges are soft banded, so they are extra soft on your vehicle and your hands. Show Finish Waffle Weave Detailing Towels are made from premium 380GSM 80/20 microfiber. This ensures the maximum performance from every use. As with all of our microfiber towels, our waffle weave detailing towel is paint safe and tag-free. It’s also durable so you can use it over and over, simply washing and drying when needed. If you want the best car drying towel, get yourself a Show Finish Waffle Weave Detailing Towel.

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