About Us

Show Finish® is a premium car care products brand. It is operated by G2 Solutions LLC, a New Jersey based company. We offer the highest quality detailing products available. Our products are designed for use by both professional detailers and automotive enthusiasts. We only use the best materials and ingredients in our products in order to provide the best results.

For years our dream was to start a car care products company and make the best detailing products possible. One day we realized that nothing was really holding us back, so we made the leap. At the beginning of 2017 we founded Show Finish. We had made it happen and were excited to get to work developing detailing products.

Since our goal was to provide the best detailing products, we wanted to start with some of the most important ones first. We chose to start with microfiber towels and wash mitts because they are an integral part of any wash or detail. We kept every little detail in mind when designing our products – tagless, paint-safe, premium materials, etc.

Our next big moment was when our website was launched in July 2017. We were finally “live” and ready to go. We’re off to a great start thanks to great customers like you! We have more products coming soon and we can’t wait to start offering a full line of premium detailing products.

Detailing Services

Interested in getting your car detailed? Check out our detailing service – Show Finish Detailing.

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